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What brought us to Q?

We have long been skeptics of the narratives and information we have been served throughout our lives by institutions, authorities, and especially the news and media outlets.  We have often experienced moments that made us scratch our heads, including life experiences of levels of corruption and incompetence that are quite simply unacceptable. We are logical thinkers. When things don't add up, it bothers us and we will dig and explore to find satisfactory answers (or in some cases eventually have to conclude that somebody just "has us by the &@#$"). We have also felt that the world should and could be a better place, always looking to identify what that would look like and how we would contribute to getting there. There is much more to be said about this journey, but this is about the "Qanon" movement. It was our curiosity and our thirst for truthful information that brought us to Q…

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What is Qanon?

A widely shared explanation of the Q-anon movement  comes from one of the researchers into this "phenomenon":

Qanon definition JSather 03252020.JPG

The above is a very condensed explanation of a very large and complex topic. So we are attempting with this webpage to pull together information from our own research and that of other researchers who follow Q, to help you understand what it's all about and why we are excited about it.


The very basics of what "IT" is, are (in our own words) as follows:

  • In October 2017 (some months into the Trump administration in the United States) somebody began posting messages on a website called 4chan, later 8chan (now known as 8kun after a reboot). These are websites that allow for secured anonymous posting of messages.

  • This identifiable but anonymous "poster" signed his messages with "Q", which is a reference to Q clearance, which is required to access Top Secret Restricted Data, Formerly Restricted Data, and National Security Information, as well as Secret Restricted Data.

  • Q posts a variety of things: messages in clear text or using code, but also links to articles, social media posts, or images etc. Some messages are long, some are short. The posting is sporadic. Sometimes many messages are shared in a day and sometimes there are no messages from Q for some time.

  • From the information in the messages, it appeared that this person had insight into the Trump administration and high levels of national and military intelligence, and was trying to communicate with the public with hints and clues about a plan to transform the world as we know it.

  • The information and clues provided are often cryptic and coded (and at times include biblical references) and have inspired members of the public to research them and to find out what these communications are about and what picture they are trying to paint. You will hear these researchers referred to as "anons" or "digital soldiers", "bakers" etc. Other people/anons in turn can also post on the 8kun "boards" to communicate back with Q and these replies may then be posted by Q for all to see.

  • Messages posted by Q are referred to as "Q drops" and have been aggregated on a website called

  • The movement has moved much beyond the boards on 8kun and, however, with an "army of digital soldiers" sharing their research and collaborating via many online channels, in particular YouTube and Twitter.

Here we have tried to visualize for you how everything works - where information comes from and how it is aggregated with the various channels and players involved:

Qnon netwrok visual 0.1 03262020.png

A good article to read to quickly get up to speed with the background and themes of Qanon called "An Introduction To 'Q'" was published on ZeroHedge. You can find it here.

What is "the Plan"?

Q often tells us to "Trust the Plan". So what exactly is the plan or the Q "operation" that we are supposed to understand and trust? Well, we can't tell you exactly. It is an ongoing effort by researchers to uncover the details and make sense of the information we are being pointed to by Q. Something to note and remember is that Q is up against enemies who have access to Q's communications the same way we do. Also some information Q wants us to know is classified and can't simply be provided directly - hence code and the Socratic method are often used by Q. What Q has told us by now is that we have all the information we need. From a broader perspective, however, we would like to explain what the plan is all about: it seeks to eradicate the power structures in the world that have been dominated by evil people (referred to as the "deep state" or "cabal") for a very  long time, inflicting war, poverty, abuse,  death, and suffering on humanity; some of which has been hidden and some of which has been in plain sight, at least to some of us. Here are some examples of the evil that "The Plan" was designed to take on:

  • The structure of the financial system to stop the central banking racket/ enslavement of the people through perpetual debt and the devaluation of currency - ending the Federal Reserve and perhaps going back to a gold standard

  • Stop the mechanisms (cronyism, money laundering through philanthropy/NGOs and book deals, etc.) that have been set up by political and corporate players to funnel money from the people into their own pockets

  • Remove corrupt and corrupted (blackmail) individuals from positions of power in the criminal and justice systems

  • Remove criminals (deep state foot soldiers?) from our streets - dismantling cartels and gangs

  • Serve justice on those that have committed crimes: corruption, treason, crimes against children, crimes against humanity, genocide/ eugenics, deliberately started wars

  • Stop pedophiles, and human and drug trafficking rings

  • Give power back to the people and away from government (fix the tax system and election process, etc.)

  • Shed light on and put an end to occult worship and satanic ritual abuse practiced by those in power

  • Reveal truths that have been hidden from humanity, such as known cures, massively advanced technologies, knowledge about space

  • Destroy the propaganda machine of the fake news media that is manipulating and brainwashing the masses for an evil new world order agenda


The plan is vast, highly complex, and strategic, but we believe this should help to frame it and demonstrate it's tangible goals as we piece together the puzzle, participate with our role to research, share, and awaken the masses, and watch the execution of the plan unfold.

All this should give you a foundation for what Q is, where it all started and what it's about, however we would like to share with you the vast analyses, overviews, research and presentations of information related to Q that will bring you up to speed, ready to follow along with insights you will not receive from the main stream media.

What abouT Coronavirus?

Curious about what Qanon researchers are saying bout COVID - 19? Check out our recent blog post!

Why care about Qanon?

You don't have to. :) But we believe we are about to experience a transformation of our lives of epic proportions. It is historical and we don't want anyone (especially those we love  and care for) to miss it! Having said that, there is no need to believe or look any further to benefit from what we think is coming for all of us. This is not a believers will be rescued by aliens kind of situation. :P You will find mainstream media articles trying to frame Qanon as a cult or a conspiracy. That's fine. It wouldn't be the first time we are labeled "conspiracy theorists" although we strongly prefer "conspiracy realist". Also, we will note that it is a very unusual cult that asks you to research, verify and THINK FOR YOURSELF, so keep that in mind before you judge.


The "urgency": We have been following Q for almost 2 years (Q started posting in October 2017) and are certain that big things are happening this very moment. Surely no explanation is needed to tell you that we are living through some very strange times right now. Again, we are stoked and we'd hate for you to miss out on watching this unfold. History in the making! So we encourage you to take a look. Curiosity killed the cat. It won't kill you, we promise!


And you will learn factual information from anons that does not require any blind trust. Much of what you will learn is verifiable on your own. That is the point! Q just points us in the right direction and helps to tie it all together.

Where to start?

Joe M, The Plan To save The World

We are certain that many anons out there will agree that the best place to start to learn about Q is a video by Joe M, "The Plan To Save The World REMASTERED". It is a good full circle overview of the gist and purpose of the Qanon operation, and to lay the foundation of an understanding of the world as brought to us by Q, and the ensuing research by anons.

Out of shadows Documentary

The recently published "Out of shadows" documentary is a great place to start for anyone looking to understand the reality of the world that the elite are trying to keep us from seeing. It does not address Q or Qanon directly but shows you a journey to the truths that anons concern themselves with. Q even posted a link to the movie in a recent drop, calling it "The best documentary of the year" and it amassed millions of views right out the gate. It not only packs in a ton of enlightening information covering manipulation of the masses by Hollywood and the Fake News media, Pizzagate, the CIA/ Mockingbird & MK-ultra projects, Epstein, NXIVM, and Satanism, but also has a captiviating storyline and high end production by Hollywood people. The documentary has been removed from YouTube several times, so you may need to visit their site directly to view it there:

The Fall Of The Cabal Documentary

The series of videos below is a much deeper dive into the world view shared by Qanon. It is a 10 part (each part is about 15-20 minutes long) documentary made by researcher and author Janet Ossebaard from the Netherlands, with the aid of countless anons across the world, and she prefaces: "It contains thousands of hours of research. I urge you to accept nothing as the truth. Please do your own research and double-check everything I present to you. That is only way to truly wake up and become an independent thinker".


We do want to mention here that what you will learn about in this documentary will reveal that the "people at the top" are involved in some very disturbing things. What you will discover is not simply a political "war" between the left and the right, but truly a battle between good and evil. There is hope at the end for all of this and that is why we are pushing through. But be warned that it is not an easy thing to come to terms with.

Note: YouTube has completed a purge of Qanon content. If you are unable to play the videos below, please go to Bitchute here instead.


If you want to go directly to the source and dig into the raw information from Q (the Q "drops") you can go to the website mentioned earlier where an anon has stored all the Q drops from beginning to present in a well organized site with search features, cross referencing capabilities. Here is a snap shot of what the site looks. Many anons will recommend you go here and read the drops for yourself and explore the site and its features.

Other Content to get you started

As we mentioned early on, there are many many of us anons out in the world working tirelessly to uncover the truth we all seek, and to understand the plan Q is trying to fill us in on. Below is a selection of "Qtuber" videos we recommend to help with getting up to speed with the Q movement and where we are today.