MAGA, KAG, Trump 2020

We are proud supporters of our 45th president of the United States, Donald J. Trump!

We are forever grateful for this man and the sacrifices he makes, giving up his life of peace and luxurious leisure to fight for  better lives for all Americans, and in fact the people of the world, the way we see it.

In the age of identify politics, with our backgrounds, this still comes as a shock to many of our friends and family. So we want to share with you here, how we got to where we are, against many odds, but with strong conviction.

Why we support President Trump

In this highly politicized and divided world we find ourselves in at this time, we often end up in the position of needing to explain (and for the most part even defend) our support for Donald Trump as the president of the United States. With the relentless media smears and character assassination this man has endured, it is understandable that many of our friends and family are struggling to understand where we are coming from. And so here we would like to lay out our perspective and position that leads us to be endlessly thankful to have Donald Trump as our POTUS and leader of the free world.

The way we like to explain our support for Donald Trump is twofold: (1) Policy and how we believe the country should be governed and positioned on the world stage, (2) The view of Donald Trump as a figure head in the fight of good vs. evil. As we see it, Donald Trump is on the right side in both categories.

The reason it is helpful to think in these terms is because it can bring understanding and bridge gaps with those on “other side of the aisle”. As we see it, we will and may always disagree on politics, but as good people, we think that we can all come around to agreeing on supporting good over evil. Let’s get into this a little further.


Policy and form of government

From a governance perspective Donald Trump holds on strongly to the United States Constitution which was designed to ensure freedom and liberty for the people of the United States and for protection from a tyrannical form of government, in particular the first and second amendments. Essentially born into liberal indoctrination, we were often told that the constitution is outdated and needed to be brought into the 21st century. After all, it was written so long ago. This argument had us fooled at one time (as shallow as it is), however if you understand the purpose of the United States Constitution, you can quickly recognize that it is as relevant as ever in ensuring freedoms, checks and balances, protecting the people and minorities, and controlling some of the inevitable evils of human nature. These are not things that cease to be important. A major achievement of the Donald Trump presidency to date has been the appointment of a historic number of federal judges to uphold the U.S. Constitution as it was written.

We lean right and have libertarian tendencies, as Donald Trump does (for the most part) as a member of the Republican party. For many (especially our friends from Europe) the word "right wing" in itself sounds very bad based on misconceptions and misunderstandings of what the right and the left are. What it means to be on the right and what we will explain here is the belief in limited government to minimize the infringement of freedoms, and overburdening bureaucracy, as well as  a belief in the forces of a free market economy, and the right of a sovereign nation to govern and protect itself under its own rules.

What’s so great about a free market or the scary c-word, “capitalism”? We believe a free market is essential to garner the best results for the use and distribution of resources aided by the forces of supply and demand. We believe that competition is an essential driver for innovation and motivation, giving us the best shot at finding the optimal solutions to solve for humanity’s problems. We understand that some people have a perhaps more “positive” (or we would probably call it naïve) view of human nature in that all humans have equal drive, sense of responsibility, and motivation. With this view we could perhaps understand someone’s leanings towards leftist/socialist models of government. But assuming the opposite to be true, we believe in equal opportunity as opposed to equal outcome as a model for a well-functioning society that maximizes its potential. For some more detailed explanations of free market concepts and the pro arguments for capitalism as an economic system, here are some helpful videos:

What about the bad n-word, “nationalism”, or even the p-word, “patriotism”? We believe in national pride. That is not racist as we are often led to believe, and nothing to be ashamed of. You can be proud of what your country and the people of your country achieve when there are things to be proud of. We don’t think that one size fits all when it comes to the varied sets of values, beliefs, traditions, needs, and lifestyles etc. that characterize the different people of the world. We embrace and admire the diversity of the human race and find the idea of a one world government with standardized everything an abhorrent one. Can we all just get along as one? Yes, we think we can! Does that mean we all need to live by the same rules, be governed by the same people, get treated with the same medicines, be fed the same food, etc. that get determined by some almighty elites at the top of government? Absolutely not! And a more localized decentralized from of government in our opinion, sets a much better stage for local representation and giving a voice and power to the “little guy”.

As a successful business man (and we have read and highly recommend his infamous and best-selling book, “The art of the deal” for good insight into his sense of business) Donald Trump understands how to negotiate, how to oversee and manage large complex ecosystems, how to navigate bureaucracy and politics, how to seize opportunities  and how to run effective and profitable operations. All this shows in the results he has brought to our economy. He is renegotiating our trade deals and is getting us out of deals that do not work in our favor. He is rebuilding manufacturing in the United States, creating jobs and reducing our over dependency on other nations. Now you can massage and interpret numbers all day long. You can focus on deficit spending without acknowledging that some funding is needed in order to repair or jump start sectors of the economy. Investments are necessary and returns on investment can take time. There is a lot you can do to paint a picture one way or the other based on the same data set, and as we cover in other parts of this website, we have some much larger systemic problems to deal with when it comes to the structure of our financial markets. But for the intents and purposes of this argument, we are taking the record breaking increase of employment numbers that Trump and his administration have achieved in a short period of time as a distinct measure of success for the economy and the people of this country; in particular regarding the incredible improvements for African American and Hispanic communities. We are creating more value with more people at work. It is hard to argue with that. And if you do want to check out some success metrics that we celebrate, here is a list of some of the Trump admin’s greatest accomplishments.

On the world stage, you will often hear from the mainstream media what an embarrassment Donald Trump is: lacking class and acting like a bully. Some of this stems from the stark contrast to a United States without a backbone over the past several years, and some of it is of course pure sensational negative partisan slander. We see our president getting along splendidly and appropriately with other nations and world leaders, and most importantly, we see him working to bring peace! He does not see the United States as the policeman of the world. He is ending our involvement in senseless conflicts. He is deescalating tensions (North Korea, Syria), he is bringing our troops home, and he is leveling the playing field when it comes to everyone’s involvement with keeping the world safe (e.g. advocating for fairness of NATO contributions).

But isn't the Republican party the party of racist white supremacists? That is another misconception if not a flat out deception perpetrated onto the people. Most people do not know that the Republican party was founded to end slavery in the United States, and that the Confederacy and the Klu Klux Klan were established by democrats. 

To sum it up in terms of policy and governance, we feel represented with the direction in which president Trump is taking our country. We know that others may take a different position with this, and we can understand it, while having a difference in opinion. We do however believe that when it comes to the good that Donald Trump is doing for humanity by eradicating evil, that most, if not all, will come around to a place of gratitude eventually.



Good versus evil

As truth seekers we have long been aware of some of the evils that plague our planet and humanity from senseless wars and human suffering,  to the enslavement of mankind through a financial system that has plunged us all into a cycle of perpetual debt. While many see the Trump presidency as purely a rivalry between political Republican/conservative and Democrat/liberal ideals, we see much more happening in the sense of a transformation for mankind. We see Donald Trump taking on long known evils of the world. What do we mean by this? We mean:

  • The military industrial complex: by putting an end to endless, bloody, and costly wars

  • The central banking system: by working to take back control of the federal reserve and money supply

  • Corrupt and treasonous politicians and individuals that have robbed the people and sold out our country: by exposing their crimes by and seeking to bring them to justice

  • Big pharma that has poisoned, maimed us, financially ruined us, and made us dependent lifelong customers: by fighting to reduce the cost of life saving drugs, while also easing the possibilities for experimental treatments and advocating for treatment of disease over mandated mass vaccinations, as has become clear during the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Abuse and suffering through human and sex trafficking of women and children: by making it a priority to go after those involved and securing the border to further hinder the trafficking channels used in this highly profitable crime

  • Drug trafficking: by calling attention to the huge problem we are facing with the opioid crisis and going after and arresting the criminals involved in bringing drugs into our country and onto our streets

  • Fake news media that is manipulating and brainwashing the people: by exposing their bias and lies

Here is some context for the topics and arguments made above:

And for a much deeper dive into this aspect of the battle betweeen good and evil of the Trump presidency, if you are interested, please check out our web page dedicate to the qanon operation.

About Donald Trump

For a glimpse into a very different perspective of Donald Trump than you get from the fake news media, check this out:

Many have been sold the idea that Donald Trump is a moron (we will give the media and the deep state credit for one thing: they are persuasive and they are master manipulators). This could not be further from the truth. The man is highly intelligent and highly strategic. Honestly, to us, anyone who argues that the man is stupid is missing many pieces of the puzzle, let's just put it that way. How can anyone actually believe that a stupid person by chance and with simple luck ends up defeating Hillary Clinton against all odds? It is not luck. It is knowledge and talent. Here some insight into Trump's awareness of how the media operates and and his skillful navigation of the forces at play:

But Trump...

" a racist." We don't think so!

But Trump...

" against the LGBT community." We don't think so! Take a read through this article"5 Biggest Misconceptions About The Trump Administration’s Record On LGBTQ Issues" and check out the below.

But Trump...

" a mysoginist and disrespects women." We don't think so! Check out this article, "Trump’s first year in office was the year of the woman" and the videos below:

But Trump...

"...was best buddies with Jeffrey Epstein" We don't think so! The Jeffrey Epstein story is very elaborate and we encourage anyone to research and look deep into the it, however we do want to share with you the below information and perspectives that make it very clear to us where our president stands when it comes to the abuse and crime committed by Epstein and his partners.