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Rise up Hawai'i Events

Oahu Events

Join the fight

This page and events calendar are dedicated to events in Hawai'i that are being organized to bring together like-minded individuals (pro-freedom, pro-liberty) who are fighting for a brighter future for our island home. We are witnessing much discontent and even disgust with how the leadership of our state are hurting the people they are meant to serve, while the people seemingly don't have a voice. In order to push back We The People must come together and this web page serves to help bring us together. If you are organizing an event or are aware of an event that may be worth featuring on this page, please reach out to us via the contact form below or any of our Social Media accounts. We are hoping to create a one-stop shop for events such as protests, rallies, political fundraisers or campaign events, such as sign-waving, and even social gatherings. Let's do this! Together we are strong!

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