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Qanon perspectives: COVID-19 and Q

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

We are living through some very strange times. Those of us, who prefer the world around us and the actions of government to make some sense, are in search of satisfying answers as to what in the world is going on. People are questioning the nonsensical information served up by the media and authorities. Somehow what we are being fed does not add up. There are inconsistencies. Decisions being made are questionable. Our movement is being restricted and our rights infringed upon. This does not seem normal at all. While we don’t have all the answers (sorry, we wish we did) we have been in this mindset of questioning the narratives for some time and we have been following a lot of alternative voices, particularly in the “Q movement”. And as these unusual times are what brought many of you to our site, we would like to share what we discovered with regards to recent events, namely the coronavirus and how the Q community is interpreting them (if you are not familiar with Qanon, please check out our Qanon webpage that will give you an overview and explanations). This is all food for thought. But what we like about these perspectives is that they are hopeful. And if one thing is for sure during these trying times, it’s that we could all use some hope!

Where did COVID-19 come from?

Well we sure hope you have a sense of humor, but all jokes aside, the bat soup story sounds bat shit crazy…. Ok, now all jokes aside: Can we tell you exactly without a shadow of a doubt where the virus came from? No, we cannot. At least not yet. But we have suspicions and here is some of what researchers have found that should at least make you go “hmmmmm…..”

  • 8 miles from the epicenter of the coronavirus in Wuhan, China, lies a biosafety laboratory housing other viruses. Even the mainstream media at this point are reporting tat there may be connections between the COVID-19 outbreak and this lab. We have also recently learned that the Obama administration funded this lab with millions of US taxpayer dollars.

  • A patent for the coronavirus was filed in July 2015 and granted in 2018 with the purpose of being used “as a vaccine for treating and/ or preventing a disease, such as infectious bronchitis […]”.(The Pirbright institute, Jul 23. 2015) by an institution that receives funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. What are patents filed for? For things made by humans. This finding gets “debunked” in the mainstream media (MSM) for being only for a bird virus, not a human virus. - Thanks, MSM! Still makes us go hmmmmmm…

  • On January 28, 2020 Dr. Charles Leiber, head of Harvard’s Chemistry and Chemical Biology department was arrested for giving fraudulent statements to the FBI for failing to disclose that in 2011 he became a strategic scientist at the Wuhan University of Technology, receiving $1.5 million to set up a research lab in Wuhan plus $150k in living expenses and a monthly fee of $50k to attract more talent to the lab.

  • No American scientists were allowed to China to help study and fight the virus. The hospitals built to handle coronavirus in China all had bars on their windows and footage emerged of people dropping dead like flies in the street and being dragged away kicking and screaming by authorities. How much can you trust information coming from the Chinese Communist Party?

  • A seemingly disproportionate number of celebrities, politicians and otherwise famous public figures were struck by the virus early on. 60 priests died in Italy from coronavirus…?

  • The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation hosted Event 201, a high-level pandemic exercise whereby a tabletop exercise included a mock novel coronavirus, on October 18, 2019 – a month before the first traced case of COVID-19 . Do you believe in coincidences? Q followers do not. If you are interested in seeing how these global organizations (including the CIA and the World Health Organization) planned to dominate the messaging in the event of global outbreak and see how we are watching this played out today in real time, check out this video by Amazing Polly, where she uses videos from the event 201 strategy session.

  • Wuhan in 2018 was appointed by the government to become a state of the art 5G city. Critics of the technology highlight how 5G frequencies were never properly tested for their effects on humans and that studies have found them to cause illness, including severe respiratory problems.

  • The coronavirus situation appears to be very convenient in terms of threatening Trump’s presidency during an election year, and shutting down protests such as the Hong Kong protests or the yellow vests and farmers protests in France.

For the most brilliant presentation of all this information and more, tied together, we encourage you to watch “Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)” by Fall Cabal:

We also recommend this short documentary by the Epoch times, as well as the research by the Edge of Wonder in their video series re Coronavirus, and in particular its ties to the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) that you won’t get from main stream media. You can find their Coronavirus playlist on YouTube here.

Why are Q followers currently excited and not scared or frustrated?

Those of us who have been following Q, who has been communicating with the public since October 2017, have long known that we are currently in a shadow war between a group of patriots linked to president Trump and the so-called “deep state” players in this world. There is a plan to take down the corrupt power structures that have reigned and ruled over us, and to return power to the people. We also know that battles are not won and change does not come easily. We know that Q and the patriots are looking to shelter and protect us, but that big shifts, big scares, and sacrifices are necessary evils for a transition to a new and better world. We have been prepared for big things to go down across the globe. While we did not know what this would look like exactly, anons are remaining very calm, watching strategies unfold, praying for the safety and success of the good guys, and helping our fellow humans see the positive. Here are some of the theories from the world of Q tying current events during the Coronavirus crisis to “the plan”:

Most Qanon followers believe that the coronavirus scare was started by the deep state in some shape or form: in form of a man-made deliberately released virus and/or in the form of a relatively “normal” virus being blown massively out of proportion with the help of the mainstream media.

The purpose of the hysteria being pushed surrounding COVID-19 is intended by the deep state to: crash the economy, weaken Trump’s presidency and chances of reelection by smearing him with bad handling of the situation, pushing a vaccines agenda, clogging the news cycle while quietly rolling out Chinese made 5G technologies across the country, slowing down their inevitable downfall by creating chaos, and surely there is much, much more.

In turn, the patriots (who likely knew this strategy was being deployed by the deep state and who were prepared) are countering by managing the situation and pushing through with the goals of “the plan” as follows (For more details on what the goals of “the plan are, please check out our Qanon webage and take a look under “What is 'the plan'”):

  • Using a state of emergency for changes of rules that enable tactical and large scale arrests and swift trials (military tribunals, habeas corpus) and mobilizing the military and national guard for more hands on deck.

  • Leveraging the shutdown of the country/countries and the sheltering of people at home to keep them safe while raids occur and/or while the deep state may be planning counter-attacks or false flag events that harm the public.

  • Setting up rules to restrict the movement of citizens to better watch and catch criminals as they continue to be on the move (for business as usual or to cover their tracks or to try to flee as they know what is coming).

  • Taking advantage of turmoil in the financial markets to push through the restructuring of the federal reserve and to end the enslavement of humanity.

  • Pushing for the availability to the people of the known, and successful treatment for Coronavirus: Hydroxychloroquine – there will be no need for a mandatory vaccine! (For some excellent information about Choroquine, check out this video by Jordan Sather, "Some Rational Thoughts on CHLOROQUINE").

  • Exposing corrupt individuals and the corrupt media by showing that they are not acting in the interest of the people. Daily briefings have allowed Donald Trump and his administration to speak truth to the American people while they have our full attention.

  • Reinforcing the intent for a United States as a Constitutional Republic to have states and state governors take on the responsibility for their states and teach us citizens to reach out to our own representatives with concerns and demands.

We have been tracking some of the events that we have been watching unfold that continue to give us confidence that patriots are in control and pushing to get us to the finish line and strategically working in and with this crisis, such as:

  • The arrests and indictments of child abusers and traffickers - for those of us watching, there have been many such arrests, not to mention that monsters such as Jeffrey Epstein, Harvey Weinstein, and the whole Nxivm organization have been brought to justice under the Trump administration

  • The stepping down of high level figures in the corporate world

  • The exposure of the fake news media and selfishly acting politicians playing partisan politics with relief funds, hiding stacks of supplies, utilizing fake video footage during news coverage etc.

  • The changes in the financial structures and rules with the federal reserve being shifted under the control of the US Treasury, and including the halting of loan payments

  • Movements of the US military that point to more than routine exercises and assistance during a pandemic (Activation of the national guard in several states, the US troops in Europe for the Defender 2020 exercise)

  • Ongoing developments with the US Space Force, including its first rocket launch

  • The arrival of the military hospital ships has led to several speculations, given the fact that hospitals don't seem to be getting overloaded: are they going to be used to detain prisoners? Are they for victims of human and child trafficking rings that are going to be taken down? Many are suspecting that underground tunnels exist that are being used for human and child trafficking, and that we will be seeing these victims being rescued. With the dismantling of drug trafficking routes, can we expect a large number of drug addicts with withdrawal symptoms to be flooding hospitals needing medical assistance?

  • We have even observed some theories out there that Trump’s infamous “covfefe” tweet may have pointed to a solution to combat the dangers of 5G technology to humans - we’ll definitely want to look more into that! In the meantime, as many are concerned about the current situation with 5G, here is a view by Qanon Obi-wan that might interest you and that you certainly will learn something from.

We hope that this will give you some leads to follow, details to verify, thoughts to put together, and most importantly, brings a positive outlook to a seemingly dark time in our lives.

Please feel free to share your comments or suggestions with us here on Twitter! Thanks!

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