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How to take care of our health

We have learned (in some cases the hard way) that the only way to keep our minds and bodies healthy is to take good care of them. Groundbreaking stuff, ey? Bare with us...what we have found is that taking care of your mind and body is easier said than done. Not only because it takes time, discipline, motivation, and effort. But also because in our modern toxic world, we are not taught how, and there is no consensus as to what the right way to take good care of oneself is! - To this we say: there isn't a one size fits all (which is one of many reasons why we shriek at the thought of universal healthcare and a government developed food pyramid). We are all individuals with our own genetic make up. We all live our lives in different environments, growing up in different cultures. We have our own history and challenges. We have access to different resources. We live different lifestyles. What's important is to approach your health with a holistic view, taking into consideration all the things that impact your physical and mental health (and in more ways than we know these are closely tied together). We would like to explore with you some of the answers and resources we have come across that we believe are worth sharing to help you along your journey to great health.

Health and nutrition impacts

We also want to share with you what we have found in researching some of the common and devastating health problems and diseases that we are certain you have come across in your life. We don't have medical degrees, but took it upon ourselves to search for answers that those with medical degrees are seemingly unable to provide. We have experienced first hand how alternative medicines and treatments can be much more effective than big pharma's approach to treating symptoms and keeping a steady stream of customers, instead of finding and fixing the causes of our issues. It is often a tough decision to go an alternative route, especially when it comes to deadly illnesses. But we believe that all perspectives and solutions should at least be known and considered, and often you don't have to choose one path or the other. There were times in our lives we wish somebody had brought us this type of information sooner.

How To Treat COvid-19

Find information on how we treated Covid-19 with therapeutics and how to get them:


600, 000 people in the United States alone die from cancer every year. Nowadays even many young children are affected. We have known and currently know too many who are suffering and who have perished. Cancer has been researched for decades with immense funding. Why is there seemingly no progress in finding a cure? We always have more questions than answers when it comes to these things. But if you or someone you love has been diagnosed with cancer, we urge you to look into the alternative view points in regards to cancer research and treatments. To learn about these, we highly recommended a series called "The Truth About Cancer". The trailer to this documentary and the first two episodes can be found and are freely available on YouTube, and are feature for you below. To watch the entire series or free, you can sign up on their website here

The truth about cancer

The truth about cancer

Watch Now

For an immediate need and opinion about treatment options, please look into this alternative cancer clinic, Hope 4 Cancer  (featured in the above documentary) that is located in Mexico (where they are able to follow alternative protocols). You can request a free consultation from their website.

You have nothing to lose!

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