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COVID-19 treatment

With 2 weeks of battling COVID-19 under our belts and finally coming out on the other side on the road to recovery, we wanted to share with our friends and family how we got through it, and what we learned along the way. Please note, however, that we are not medical professionals and we are purely providing information that was given to us and sharing our personal experience.

The biggest lesson for us was to experience first hand what an incredible local community we have with our fellow truthers and freedom fighters. The outpour of support and offers of help and advice were overwhelming. The medical professionals that are selflessly giving their all to help provide treatment to those in need when the medical establishment is failing them, has left us in awe.

We are so thankful!! We love you all!!

In terms of our experience with the illness, it was fairly severe and long-lived (over 2 weeks). Being young and healthy in general, we did not expect to be knocked down the way we were initially, so it wasn't until several days into being ill that we pursued getting therapeutics. Our advice therefore to others: get your hands on ivermectin as soon as possible. The sooner you start treatment, the better. We were prescribed Ivermectin and Azithromycin and felt that as soon as we started taking those medicines, we stopped getting worse. Actually recovering from there on was still a journey, but the ivermectin was a gamechanger and likely would have helped even more had we taken it earlier on. We also took a variety of supplements and our condition really made a turn for the better after a vitamin IV. Details on all the supplements we took and the vitamin IV can be found below. We are still resting to regain our strength and energy, but feel that we have overcome the sickness with therapeutic treatments. We are hopeful that the natural immunity we have built will serve us well in the long run.

How to get Ivermectin?

If your primary care physician refuses or is unable to prescribe you Ivermectin as a therapeutic treatment for COVID-19, you have the following options to obtain a prescription:


Talk to a tele doctor to get a prescription

Please see the link below for a list of doctors you can get a telemedicine consultation with and who will prescribe Ivermectin if appropriate (which can be called-in to your local pharmacy):

Here is an additional directory that includes international contacts as well:


Use the Push Health website:

The Push Health website allows you to request the medicine you need directly from a physician via the website. Go to the following link, where you can choose to request an Ivermectin and/or Azithromycin prescription:

What dosage do I need?

For details on prevention and treatment protocols for COVID-19, please see the following detailed information and instructions:

(It can also be found in other languages here:

What other supplements should I take?

Here is what we ended up with and had recommended by our doctors to take while sick:

  • Vitamin C – 1,000 mg every two hours

  • Vitamin D – 20,000 iu in one dose for 3-4 days, then can take a lower dose

  • Quercetin – 500mg 3 times a day

  • Zinc – 60 – 200 mg daily

In addition to these supplements, you should try to drink a gallon of water each day.

What else might help with COVID-19?

One of the more challenging experiences for us with COVID-19 was a high fever accompanied by diarrhea for 12 consecutive days, which was concerning of course. We were advised by several trusted medical professionals to get a high dose vitamin C IV. While this was a costly treatment option, the fever ended the same night we got the IV and really turned things around for us. If you need that extra kick to help speed up your recovery, we strongly recommend this treatment. For Hawaii, please visit the following site to book an IV with a highly professional and gracious team of caring health professionals, and many options for the IV (we got the Myers' Cocktail, multi vitamin, glutathione, zinc, and 10 grams of vitamin C):

What prescription discounts can I take advantage of?

Please use the “GoodRX” website ( or phone app, which will allow you to find coupons for any of the medications you get prescribed and will significantly lower the cost of the medicine. All you need to do is go to the website/ open the app, search the name of the medicine you have been prescribed, then select the pharmacy you are getting your medicine from. The app will have coupon details which you simply show to the pharmacist, and they will apply the coupon and your discount. This will save you a lot of money!

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