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Hawaii Elections Commission Meeting | 2/20/2024 @ 1:30 PM

Meeting Notice:

Meeting Agenda (including instructions for testimony):

Meeting Materials:

Zoom Link:

Written Testimony:

It is past the deadline, but you can submit written testimony to

We need you to provide testimony at the Hawaii Elections Commission meeting to stop the Hawaii Elections Commission from reappointing Scott Nago as the Chief Election Officer!

This creepy, corrupt bureaucrat is in charge of overseeing and directing all state elections in Hawaii and he has been the Chief Election Officer for nearly 15 years.

Under his watch we have had inflated voter rolls, mailing issues, signature verification issues, failure to perform post-election audits in accordance with Hawaii law, and much more.

Scott Nago has been sued multiple times for violating election law and he has destroyed election security, voter confidence, and transparency resulting in the lowest voter turnout in Hawaii history.

During the next Hawaii Elections Commission meeting they plan to hold a vote to reappoint Scott Nago as the Chief Election Officer. But there is a huge problem with their agenda.

The agenda states that they will go behind closed doors into executive session to discuss and evaluate the performance of and the reappointment of the Chief Election Officer.

This is in direct violation of Hawaii Law (HRS § 11-7.5) which requires that the Elections Commission hold a public hearing on the performance of the chief election officer before voting on reappointment.

We need you to testify at the meeting to voice your concerns about Scott Nago and demand that the commission follow the law by holding a public hearing with advance notice. Thank you for doing your part to make our elections pono again!

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