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CVR Request Template Hawaii 2 by Audit The Vote Hawaii


Pursuant to the Uniformed Information Practices Act, Chapter 92f, public records law, I hereby request the following record in electronic format:

For the 2020 General Election; a text, comma or tab delimited file, or a text-based report, listing, in the sequence processed, every ballot, its sequential ID, its timestamp, its method of voting, the specific votes contained for all races, and the batch id and tabulator id. Should any fields not be available, please include the fields which are. To be clear, I am not requesting a summary report of votes, I am requesting a per-ballot report. This set of information is sometimes known as a “cast vote record”, “ballot log”, or a “summary of ballots”. If the data exists as multiple files or reports, for instance by batch or by precinct, you do not need to aggregate them, please send the individual files. We specifically do not want included any information which identifies a specific voter, and I guarantee and stipulate that this information will not be used for that purpose. This information has been satisfactorily provided from other counties using Hart voting systems, so the information I request should be able to be generated.

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